Steve Trebing, R.Ph

3696 Bellflower Drive
Portage, MI 49024
Ph: 269-998-4649

Key business areas:

  • Business Strategy Development Consulting: Focus on small to medium size companies. My experience has been primarily with healthcare related businesses; pharmaceutical, diagnostic and medical device companies.
  • Business Networking and Partnerships: Successfully connected businesses and companies within my network for collaboration and partnerships within the Diagnostics-Therapeutics-Monitoring business models to drive comprehensive health care delivery approaches.
  • Sales Training (based on strategic business model): Develop specific sales training programs (from initial, first time sales training to advanced selling techniques), consult on training curriculum and implement and conduct programs for employees.
  • Training/Teaching in the area of medications and diseases: Based on pharmacist credentials, train/teach on medications, pharmacology, clinical diseases, specialty pharmaceuticals and patient medication adherence.
  • Other areas of consulting, personal development and coaching/mentoring: Customized employee development and leadership mentoring approaches.

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